Dry Cleaners Take Control of Amazon Echo Screens

What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) has never been easier.

Running a dry cleaning business is challenging. How do you find new customers that need your service? How do you remind your customers about your business and brand? How do you create a magical customer experience for each and every customer?

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Let’s talk about Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help your dry cleaning business and answer your customers’ requests. Just like web and mobile, your business can increase awareness by having a presence on Amazon Alexa.

Did you know 20% of US adults use smart speakers?

Did you know that 1/3 of smart speaker owners want to contact customer service departments by voice?

Customer service is simply an early iteration of what we call customer experience today. That customers are interested in leveraging their voice assistants as service vehicles in their lives should have every brand hurrying to meet their customers where they are.


Today we are focused on helping your dry cleaning business create a magical customer experience. Your business has a great marketing plan. You’ve created print ads that run in the local paper, you’ve got an email newsletter to let your customers know about new services. Heck, you’ve even started using Google and Facebook ads to show your best discounts to attract new customers! You are proud of your dry cleaning brand. Recently, you started seeing ads for Amazon Alexa and started to wonder:

“How can my customers use their Amazon Alexa devices to talk to my business directly?”

You have 3 options to allow your customers to use Amazon Alexa to speak to your business:

  1. Alexa Skill Blueprints — quickly and easily create a skill with no coding required.

  2. Hire a Developer — UpWork is a great platform to hire a personal developer to create a custom Alexa Skill to fit the needs of your business.

  3. VoiceDryCleaner.com — Is an AI platform that puts your dry cleaning business on Amazon Alexa quickly and easily.

Last week VoiceDryCleaner.com released a new feature to give your business the power to upload your own photos on voice-first devices with screens. Now you can update the photos shown on devices such as:

But now you might be asking yourself:

“Does anyone use voice-first devices with screens?”

According to VoiceBotAI, ~37% of US adult voice assistant use is on screened devices such as their TV, game console, and cable provider. Your brand can be seen on all of these devices. Your logo can be on any Amazon Alexa screen in the US by simply having your customers say

  • “Alexa, enable {my-business}”

  • “Alexa, enable the Plaza Cleaners”

  • “Alexa, enable NuTone Cleaners

You can create a more magical customer experience by adding images and other engaging media to your Amazon Alexa skill.


What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) is becoming more popular in SaaS companies today. Companies such as WordPress, Invocable, etc. make it easy for business owners to use technology to the benefit of their business. The more a business owner can customize their website, app, or Alexa Skill, the more empowered they become to create a magical customer experience.Let’s say you went on UpWork and hired a developer to build your Alexa Skill. the developer worked hard, followed all of your requirements, and was very receptive to feedback. They even published your Alexa Skill without a hitch. How awesome! Next month your brand decides they want to update your marketing material with some new images. Your team creates some beautiful new marketing material to advertise your FREE pickup and delivery service. You want to add the images to the Alexa Skill your developer built. So, what do you do? Do you re-hire the developer and pay them to make the changes? Do you hire a new developer to make the changes for you? Maybe you try to dig around the code and make the changes yourself? What if you could use WYSIWYG to add new marketing material by clicking one button? Now, with VoiceDryCleaner.com, you have the power to create a magical customer experience without having to hire a developer.


Instantly update your customer’s apps on Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Alexa Auto, etc. Here is what customers see on the Amazon Echo Show before they place a pickup request with your dry cleaning service:source: https://voicedrycleaner.com

Now let’s say we want to rebrand. We don’t like the white background so we created a new image that does not have the white background. All you have to to update for ALL of your customers is:

  1. Upload your new image for Amazon Echo Logo

  2. Save & tell your customers about it!

Today we showed you how dry cleaning business owners use WYSIWYG to update the branded images on Amazon Alexa. We are continuing to rollout new features and updates to help you create a magical customer experiencefor your dry cleaning customers.

written by Patrick Sweetman on 2019-April-4 Edit this page here